1-800-Weirdos mp3 Streams

These should open in any mp3 player that can receive streams (iTunes or Real Player, etc.)

1-800-Weirdos Radio
an audio stream of all the music available from 1-800-Weirdos.

1-800-Weirdos LIVE stream
constantly evolving live generated music!

1-800-Weirdos Archive
an audio stream of the first 15 Weirdos LIVE broadcasts from 2001.

1-800-Weirdos QuickTime Streams

these should open in QuickTime Player:

Weirdos Vcast 33
shot on Lake Sacandaga, NY.

Food for Thought
written and directed by Christopher Davis for submission to HBO's "Project Greenlight".

Hollywood Harem (rough cut)
this is from the 2002 "PC Project".

"Awakenings" Coke Commercial
A spec commercial directed by Michael Sugarman. It won a first prize in the young directors competition in Cannes in 2005.

Caliban in William Shakespeare's Haunted House
From the 2002 production - I edited this from many sources.

Speak of the Devil demo
this is the industry demo for the show. 15 minutes long, four songs plus a trailer, etc. The songs are all studio recordings synched to the live performances.

Jesse James
from my audition reel, the monologue from "Jesse and the Bandit Queen" I shot at an antique B&B.

The Mirror Man
directed by Tim Sager and shot by Eric Schefter over a decade ago, this is a version I edited recently with music I created.

Surreal Macbeth
also from the reel, a surreal rendition of Macbeth's famous speech with footage shot at my office.

Tomorrow Trance
a dance version of the above, mainly the result of an experiment in learning a new audio application.

Weirdos CD Vol. 2 preview
the same video with a different soundtrack - one of the cuts being prepared for Volume 2 of the "1-800-Weirdos CD".

Spatula Flatulence
from the Verge cable TV show "Reality".

Those Clever Engineers
from the P. Pularso Dumm release "The Cheesequake State".

The Book of Enoch
from "Speak of the Devil" - I use this on my reel occasionally as well.