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The Journal Of Pataphysical Reviews

A Publication of the Society of Pataphysics

Volume 3, Issue 3

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Does the Apostrophe Have Any Place in Pataphysics? A Pataphysical Analysis of Human Coition Is There Noncircular Argumentative Recourse in a Crisis of Meaning? Classifieds Our Masthead

Does the Apostrophe Have Any Place in Pataphysics?

Since the inception of the JPatPhysRev, certain members of the community have demanded the return of the apostrophe, claiming that its absence flaunts a lack of comprehension of the fundamental principles of "'Pataphysics." The terrible assault of the godless forces of the reactionary Apostrophists upon us all is threatening to rend the delicate fabric of all that we hold sacred asunder.

As a public service, the editors of JPatPhysRev invited prominent proponents of the three estranged factions. The chief representative of the forces of reason is the debonair Sam Farg, the Redirector of Education of the National Office of the Society of Pataphysics. Representing the 'Apostrophists is the saturnine Mme. Fabienne Chevalier, the alleged bastard child of Alfred Jarry. Also present was the limp figure of Yolanda Crowes, speaking for the "National Organization For Freedom Of Punctuation," present in spite of her brave battle with cancer of the semi-colon. The debate was moderated by Dale E. Leathers, the president of the Society.

We are proud to present you with the edited transcript of this historic event.

I am very pleasing to be here, modulating this fine-tuned events. All of us, and especially you, the next, must indeed be, or at least seem, tonight, to be with us now together...
They're telling me I'm out of my time, so I will pretend a question to throw out on the floor before the luminances intending here today. Thank you.
FC: By my green candle, I hereby declare that all blasphemous doings shall hereby be eliminated and the 'Apostrophists will usurp all powers and steal all the beef, too. Merci.
At this point, Mme. Chevalier snatched and devoured the prosthetic hair-piece of Professor Leathers.
Well, thank you very much ladies and gentlemen for the very warm welcome. It's always a pleasure to see such an attentive, educated and handsome audience. You know, a funny thing happened to me on the way here tonight. But before I get serious, I would like to thank you very much for having me here. Thank you very much for having me here. No, really.
And now, we here all here will hear from, uh, Miss Landa Cloves. Miss Cloves? Uh, Miss Cloves?
I'm sorry. Hello. I'm sorry, what was the question again?
Do you have something to add to the floor?
YC: I came here tonight to try to reconcile these unnecessarily hostile camps. We at NOFFOP believe that all forms of punctuation could live together in love and harmony.
Here, the debate was temporarily interrupted as Ms. Crowes fell into a comma and had to be resuscitated by her lingu