[BATTLE OF THE DEAD CELEBS] a comic dance of historical significance

[Mark Twain]

[Sigmund Freud]

August 1998, New York City - Live from beyond the grave: the greatest minds of all time in the greatest sporting event of the afterlife! Who is the greater long-distance runner: Mae West or Leonardo da Vinci? Who is the master of coordination: P.T. Barnum or Sigmund Freud? Mark Twain or Jezebel? Josephine Baker or Edgar Allen Poe? And what could possibly be the point?

Featuring an original score and a live band, "The Battle of the Dead Celebs" is an absurdly choreographed war between the most important historical figures of all time, as selected by members of the ensemble. The audience gets to witness the degeneration of these great minds from athletic combat into angry mob. The historical characters take over the theater, performing not only onstage but throughout the space, throwing ideas like bombs. Using text taken from the actual writings and speeches of the characters presented, the audience is transported into an afterlife where we witness a battle of legendary proportions.

"The Battle of the Dead Celebs" is conceived and composed by Jeremy X. Halpern who is the founder of multimedia performance group, VERGE and 1-800-WEIRDOS. Halpern received his training at the Experimental Theater Program at NYU, has studied with twentieth century experimental theater master Jerzy Grotowski, and has worked with Anne Bogart and Mark Greenfield.

"Battle" is playing at the KRAINE Theatre, 85 East 4th Street (@ 2nd Avenue) September 10-12, 8 pm and September 12, 10pm. Tickets: $10. For more info: 212-505-8111, www.weirdos.com/battle or email battle@weirdos.com -end-


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