A Satanic Cabaret

New York City, May 2000. An extraordinary thing happened at New York's infamous former strip palace, the Show World Theater. Audiences piled into the Big Top Theater to take the ultimate journey...to Hell! Speak of the Devil - A Satanic Cabaret, presented by the Faux-Real Theater Company and Verge/1-800-Weirdos, was a wild ride all the way, thrilling and amusing enthusiastic sold-out audiences at midnight performances. Alan Cabal of the New York Press compared the show to "The Rocky Horror Show" and Pink Floyd's "The Wall". And now, the "Satanic Cabaret" is looking for a new home.

Like a combination of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" and "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer", "Speak of the Devil - A Satanic Cabaret" features outrageous music, outstanding singers, and devils spanning cultures and times. With Lucifer, serving as Master of Ceremonies, audiences are introduced to Mot, Semyaza, Angra Mainyu and others. When they get to Hell, Satan might steal their collective soul! God is present, but doesn't seem to have any power in this evil rock musical.

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