Why I Love Weirdos.TV

The origin summary I usually give is that 1-800-Weirdos was created to sell Verge's "Little Idiot" CD, and before we even began to promote it, people started calling the number as a "prank". I quickly began to create music featuring samples of the callers, and then began to make podcast recordings and do live Internet radio shows where I sometimes interacted with the callers live. Then I added video.

It seemed impossible to balance art and commerce,

knowing how much to sacrifice for art based on what little rewards most of us are willing to call enough to make it worth it.

And I've always been protective of my art when even considering the "entertainment industry"

because I'd rather find it satisfying than lucrative.

Sometimes I walk through a location shoot here in NYC, or a friend is working in a Broadway show, or on a TV show, and I wonder if that's what I should be doing. I tried it for a bit and found it very unpleasant. And I would really prefer not to stain my experience of Art by forcing it to make money.

And what is artistic success anyway, etc.,

clearly it's something each artist defines for themselves.

But therapy had me rethinking a lot of my assumptions about what it would take for art I create to satisfy me.

So the big factors in creating Weirdos.TV were:

And as it is

It's a synthesis of all my: