M.R. Petit's

mutant gene cover Mutant Gene & Tainted Kool-Aid Sideshow CD-ROM
Embark on a voyage through a bizarre labyrinth ... a strange and abstract maze of video, animation, music and sound.

"An unsettling journey filled with sinister toys, grotesque creatures in gargoyle-like masks and the fleeting of half-remembered dreams all set to a creepy, just-off-the-midway soundtrack" - WIRED

"... enjoy the atmosphere and sample the leering sensuality of this abstract hipster paradise." - HotWired

(Available for the Macintosh)

Item #DescriptionPrice
mrp2Mutant Gene CD-ROM (Mac)$20.00
mrp1Mutant Gene Audio Cassette$ 7.00
mrp3Mutant Gene Floppy Demo (Mac)$ 1.00

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