The 1-800-WEIRDOS CD
and Theme Song

This CD was put together with lead vocals entirely by the random callers on the 1-800-Weirdos voice mail! You can hear many of the wacky folks who have left creative droolings for me to find each morning.

You can download the song here, or hear bits of it on the voice mail. If you've called 1-800-Weirdos, you may already be featured on it! If not, call 1-800-Weirdos now, buy the CD, and leave your most outrageous message for Volume II!

[Weirdos CD cover]

(item#: wrd01 price: $10.00)

[Weirdos Music] The FULL SONG
in RealAudio format!
[Weirdos Music] The VIDEO in RealVideo!
[Weirdos Music] A 30 second excerpt in WAV format (650 K) [Weirdos Music] More Weirdos RealAudio and Real Video!

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