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1-800-WEIRDOS was founded on the products of those ridiculous Madcap Electrical Pranksters, Verge. Their newest CD, "Little Idiot" is now available to fill your head with weird psychedelic comedy music. We also carry their first release, "The Forbidden One", which contains rare live footage from their "Media Circus". The"Fifth Anniversary" t-shirt is a black and white design inspired by 1950's science-fiction images. Verge also has a small promo available on Macintosh floppy disks. Normal 1-800-WEIRDOS customers (if there are any) have to pay as much as $1.00 for this wacky floppy promo, but you can get it for free by clicking here. For more madness, you can visit Verge's web site!

Item #DescriptionPrice
vrg05Little Idiot CD$10.00
vrg04Little Idiot Cassette$ 7.00
vrg03Fifth Anniversary T-Shirt$10.00
vrg02Verge's Forbidden One Cassette$ 7.00
vrg01Pseudo-Interactive Gizmo$ 1.00 (click to get it FREE)

vrg02 The Forbidden One
Jeremy's Left Eye
vrg05 Little Idiot
Little Idiot Cover

vrg03 Fifth Anniversary T-Shirt
T-Shirt image

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