Here's the full list of 1-800-WEIRDOS items.

last updated Jan. 1st, 2000

Item Number Item Name Selling Price


wrd01 The 1-800-Weirdos CD 9.00


vrg01 Pseudo-Interactive Gizmo 1.00
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vrg02 The Forbidden One cassette (Verge) 7.00
vrg03 Fifth Anniversary T-shirt (Verge) 10.00
vrg04 Little Idiot cassette (Verge) 7.00
vrg05 Little Idiot CD (Verge) 10.00
vrg06 Little Idiot T-shirt (Verge) 10.00

M.R. Petit

mrp1 Mutant Gene cassette (M.R. Petit) 7.00
mrp2 Mutant Gene CD-ROM (M.R. Petit) 20.00
mrp3 Mutant Gene Demo (M.R. Petit) 1.00

The Grimm Show

grm01 The Grimm Show Video 10.00
grm02 The Grimm Show CD 10.00
grm03 The Grimm Show Cassette 7.00

P. Pularso Dumm

pd01 The Cheesequake State CD (P. Pularso Dumm) 10.00
pd02 The Cheesequake State Cassette (P. Pularso Dumm) 7.00

Battle of the Dead Celebs

dc01 Battle of the Dead Celebs Video 10.00
dc02 Battle of the Dead Celebs CD 10.00
dc03 Battle of the Dead Celebs Cassette 7.00


tw01 The Dry Well (Tim Walters) 10.00
asp03 Colors (Ken Nordine) 10.00

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